Trade Mark Licence Agreement Meaning

(C) Not exclusively – rights may be granted to other third-party licensees, and the licensee may also use the trademark in trade. The duration and right to terminate the terms of a trademark licensing agreement are also important, as they give the licensee the opportunity to license the mark for a short period of time to determine whether the commercial relationship is profitable enough to extend for a new term. Similarly, the right to terminate the contract is important to the licensee, as it allows the licensor to terminate the contract immediately after the dementer of the taker or for other offences. In this way, the brand owner can stop the erosion of brand value if a taker does not meet the quality standards that consumers expect from the original supplier of brand-related goods or services. A trademark assignment is a document used to transfer rights to a trademark (i.e. logo, name or symbol) to a new owner, creditor or even in the context of the liquidation of other contractual negotiations. An assignment may either have all the rights attached to a trademark or be limited in one way or another. Choice of Law – Forum – The choice of legislation is preferable because it offers some security with regard to the application of the licensing agreement. In addition, courts often impose the choice of litigation clauses as long as the forum has a reasonable and logical relationship with the parties and the license.

The Law recognizes a number of ways to make businesses and individuals responsible for induction or contribution to counterfeiting of an online trademark other than branded debt. Overall, licensing agreements are very common, but trademark holders should seek the help of experienced consultants to design clearly defined licensing agreements that protect both the brand`s positive will to use and the licensee`s rights. Insurance – This provision requires the policyholder to receive insurance in order to protect the donor from liability in the event of claims against the taker and to possibly cover the inability of the taker to fulfil his obligations under the license agreement. The supplier understands and recognizes that one or more of DigiCat`s customer brands (the „block A-Marques“) may be granted under the terms of this specific trademark license agreement between the customer and DigiCat, which may be granted on the date (the „DigiCat trademark license“). When establishing a trademark license, the following main points are: CONTINUING CONNECTED TRANSACTIONS AND CONNECTED TRANSACTIONS – THE BUSINESS ACCORDS As a precondition for the completion of the acquisition, the target group will enter into the trademark licensing agreement, the trademark license agreement, the Transportation Vehicles Lease Agreement and the Petroleum Supply Agreement, which will continue to represent related transactions or related transactions. : Continuous Transactions A. Klemchuk LLP is an international law firm, intellectual property, transaction firm and business firm dedicated to the protection of innovation. The company offers tailored legal solutions for sectors such as software, technology, retail, real estate, consumer goods, e-commerce, telecommunications, restaurant, energy, media and professional services. The firm focuses on supporting small and medium-sized businesses that seek long-term and value-creating relationships with a law firm.